Frequently asked questions

What happens if one of our MSC DJs gets sick or drops out?

Thank God, this has only happened once in more than 10 years of MSC – Nevertheless, we are well prepared here. Then we will immediately take care of a replacement from our DJ team. Should this happen, we will inform you about it as soon as possible. Since our DJs are all professionals in their field, you get a good and equivalent replacement.

How early do we need to request an event from you?

We are always well booked and in the current year have already filled part of the calendar of the following year with booked event. Therefore, we recommend to make a request in time before we can no longer offer you a DJ. Destination Weddings are usually booked 1-2 years in advance and here we are also booked up quite quickly.

Do you get a contract for the booking?

Of course, there are all framework conditions and wishes firmly regulated and legally secure because we create our contracts customer-friendly via an online tool and send. So you and we are on the safe side.

Can we have a say in what music is played at our party?

Of course, because an interaction between the DJ & professional for the musical implementation in the evening and you, who can better assess your guests and their musical wishes in advance is always important for any well-prepared DJ. For this purpose we have a music questionnaire where you can name specific songs and also NoGos – but always with the request to give the DJ the freedom to let his experience flow in and not to restrict him too much. Without musical feedback on your part it goes of course also because our DJs know their craft and know the songs you have to play 🙂

Do you put out music request cards at the party for the guests or should we do this?

This time a clear no 😉 We much prefer to establish contact with people and to receive music requests personally. In the conversation with the respective guest it can be well coordinated whether the respective song is timely, only later or due to its characteristics possibly not at all playable since it could blow up the framework (difficult text contents, too aggressive or even too carrying and too long).

Where could you be seen live as a DJ?

Due to the fact that our DJs are mainly active at private parties (weddings) or business events and our customers are especially in the area of destination weddings increasingly exclusive customers who do not like to see their private life on Instagram and Co. and it is therefore difficult to implement that you just drop by there, this is unfortunately not possible in this framework. From time to time our DJs also play at public events – we will be happy to inform you about this. But on our Instagram page or Youtube channel you can see everything that we are allowed to record and show publicly and thus get a good overview of our professional work.

Are our witnesses and other contact persons allowed to contact you after the booking?

Of course, because info about program points and games are important for our DJs and the musical and dramaturgical structure of the party. How they can contact us and to what extent, we discuss with you then always individually.

What about GEMA (only for Germany)?

Private events, such as a wedding, birthday, etc. are (current status) always exempt from GEMA, as long as all the guests present are friends or relatives of yours and you have not sold any tickets with the idea of making a profit 😉

For corporate events, the matter is unclearly regulated, so I recommend you to ask the GEMA. All public events such as city festivals, street festivals, etc. are always subject to GEMA, at the latest from the time when entrance fees are charged.

Therefore, please inform yourself directly at GEMA at – so that you are also on the legally safe side.

Does the DJ have to be provided with drinks and food?

Since your DJ is sometimes 12-15 hours on site & on tour from picking up the sound technology from our warehouse to returning it at night after dismantling in our warehouse, it goes without saying that it is part of us if he is also supplied. However, our DJs do not need a seat at one of your tables. For this purpose, our DJ will look for a quiet place within the location. Our terms and conditions regulate this matter more precisely. If we cannot be catered for, please address this issue in advance so that we can discuss together which flat-rate meal allowance will then have to be charged additionally.