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Your Wedding in Hospes Maricel Hotel & Spa

You have chosen a unique and luxury Gran Hotel close to Palma de Mallorca:

Hospes Maricel Hotel & Spa

Mallorca provides the perfect setting where time stops, thoughts are gathered and spirit grows while enjoying the view, the sun and the luxury of an unique Gran Hotel for your individual and intimate wedding.

Here you want to celebrate an unforgettable and exciting wedding ceremony, dinner & party – ideally with our wedding DJs from MUSIC SOUND CONCEPTS.

The Island of Mallorca – changeable, pulsating and cosmopolitan and also traditional – the rising international jet-set island. Weddings can also be celebrated wonderfully here – in a beautiful hotel  – This is Hospes Maricel Hotel & Spa – an luxury Hotel with a stunning view.

“Harmony and Elegance: A Wedding Symphony at Hospes Maricel Hotel & Spa”

Nestled on the picturesque shores of Mallorca, the Hospes Maricel Hotel & Spa stands as a testament to luxury, history, and modern elegance for perfect destination weddings on mallorca. With its privileged location and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean, this iconic hotel has been a symbol of prestige since the 1950s. In this article, we explore the enchanting possibilities of hosting your dream destination wedding wedding on mallorca at this majestic venue, offering an exclusive blend of historical charm and contemporary sophistication.

Hospes Maricel & Spa boasts a unique combination of majestic 17th and 18th-century architecture seamlessly blended with avant-garde design. The result is a luxurious haven by the sea, providing guests with panoramic views of the Mediterranean. The hotel’s open-air swimming pool, seemingly merging with the sea, adds an extra touch of romance to its expansive and serene setting.

With 29 comfortable and luminous rooms in the main Palace and an additional 22 rooms in the NATURA annex, Hospes Maricel prioritizes guest comfort. The rooms offer spectacular views of either the mountains or the sea, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and luxury for the discerning wedding party.

So here you say “YES.” A very special moment. In order for your wedding party, wedding ceremony, cocktail on the terrace and dinner as well as the entire musical accompaniment of the day to be “dreamlike” in addition to your wedding in Hospes Maricel Hotel & Spa on Mallorca in a dreamlike ambience, you need an experienced wedding DJ and a reliable partner who you can rely on and who already knows the hotel – as we do.

You can find these wedding professionals at Music Sound Concepts on Mallorca – because:


Music is our Passion

Coming from overseas to celebrate our wedding came with the additional stress of chosing those to assist us during our reception. Music-Sound-Concepts put us at ease when preparing for the day. Organizing was professional and efficient. Accurate questions quickly narrowed down the music we would like and the schedule for the event. During each phase of the evening Jerome as the owner and also as a DJ tailored the music perfectly to the mood and setting. When it was time to open the dancefloor, everyone had an amazing time and complimented the skills of our DJ. I look forward to attending a Music-Sound-Concept set in the future. Thank you for making our wedding extra special.

Mark Davis (Canada)

In addition to first-class wedding DJs, we attach great importance to good and honest customer advice, personal service and all-round musical support. It is precisely this combination that ultimately creates a successful event that you, your family and the invited guests can also enjoy musically – with a full dance floor and party atmosphere until the early hours of the morning!

Do you think that sounds really good and fits to you and your wedding in 5 Star Hospes Maricel Hotel & Spa near Palma de Mallorca? Then we look forward to get in contact with you via our contact form and are excited to see when our DJs can accompany you for your wedding or event.

Indulge in the flavors of traditional Mallorcan cuisine at the elegant Maricel Restaurant, celebrated for its use of original and local ingredients. Located on the seafront, the restaurant’s majestic architecture mirrors the natural colors and noble materials found throughout the hotel. Your wedding guests will savor every moment of the gastronomic journey offered by Maricel Restaurant.

Hospes Maricel & Spa goes beyond the ordinary, offering exclusive experiences for wedding parties. From Oriental Massage Sessions in the private stone arches of the Bodyna Spa to the wonders of the award-winning “Maricel Breakfast,” the hotel ensures that each guest becomes a privileged spectator of Mallorca’s unique sunrises and sunsets.

Just get in contact with us! Bookings for 2025 are open...

Just take the next step and get in contact with on the way to your perfect wedding in Hospes Maricel Hotel & Spa on Mallorca. Just send us some informations about your wedding and were getting back to you with more informations as soon as possible.

The Perfect Wedding Venue:

For those seeking an exclusive and enchanting wedding venue in Mallorca, Hospes Maricel & Spa stands out. The hotel provides unique spaces with natural lighting, air conditioning, and everything needed for a flawless event. The large terrace by the sea, offering stunning views and a tranquil ambiance, serves as the ideal backdrop for a wedding with the Mediterranean as the only witness.

Hospes Maricel Hotel & Spa sets the stage for a wedding celebration that seamlessly blends historical beauty with modern style. As the waves rhythmically caress the shores, and the sun sets over the Mediterranean, this prestigious venue promises an unforgettable experience for couples embarking on a journey of love and commitment. Choose Hospes Maricel for your wedding, where elegance meets romance in the heart of Mallorca and choose MUSIC SOUND CONCEPTS and our DJs for your perfect wedding party.

Our Team of extraordinary DJs

After the detailed preliminary discussion, we will provide you with one of our DJs who best suits your musical wishes.

Thanks to our wealth of experience in accompanying weddings and events of all kinds, we have a good instinct for selecting our DJs right to your musical needs. They all have years of experience in accompanying weddings, corporate and large events – nationally and internationally. We had former club DJs as well as experienced international DJs who played for big comapnys on incentives, fashion shows and many more.

The owner of MUSIC SOUND CONCEPTS, Jerome, is already an well booked club DJ with some international releases on  Spotify, Beatport and famous DJs played his produced tracks.

He also played on many international celebraty weddings and also a several times in Hospes Maricel Hotel & Spa for international wedding couples.

Just get in contact with us

Just take the next step and get in contact with us on the way to your perfect wedding in Hospes Maricel Hotel & Spa on Mallorca. Just send us some informations about your wedding and were getting back to you with more informations as soon as possible.